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Highlights Of P21WWUG Connect 2021 In Atlanta

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P21WWUG CONNECT is an annual event for members from all around the world to share information, network and connect. In the Hyatt Regency hotel in Atlanta in Georgia, the Prophet 21 WorldWide User Group Board conducted the most current event in 2021 and was scheduled from 15-17 August.

A highly organised event was held, with a range of sessions tutored by colleagues, Epicor, third-party providers of solutions and guest speakers. It has been provided in conjunction with suppliers and sponsors from diverse sectors, which for our 5th year in cooperation with P21WWUG we were proud of as Gold Sponsors.




Pre Event


Our programme was launched in the early après-midi at Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown Atlanta, a few minutes walk from the Hyatt Regency Hotel, on Sunday, 15 August, with the first special meal. We had a wonderful lunch and a terrific chat with some of our clients, prospective partners. We were pleased to hear more and to receive comments on how we and the DCKAP Cloras team have worked. Fortunately, everybody had great things to say, and we are delighted and proud that these good relationships have been created with each of them.


Table 1 Hosted by Catherine Sulkis



Table 2 Hosted By Karthik Chidambaram



Our valued customers and partners


We went back to the hotel after lunch to get our exhibit assembled and make sure everything was set to meet with all the participants. The design of our station and our items was basic and we even employed an innovative method of support to guarantee the projector kept up.



Cloras Booth


First day


To get things started, on the first day, we participated in several interesting meetings, learnt more about the P21WWUG and Epicor and how they organised these conferences every year. We have learnt that Epicor generates an estimated $900 million in annual revenues, and CD&R bought them for around $4.7 billion. There are presently around 230 P21 Cloud clients and they receive roughly 10,000 orders a day, with approximately 7,000 users from 5 countries everyday.

At 6:30 p.m. EST the welcome receipt began. We were excited and willing to go with our hand sanitizer in readiness, hand washing at regular intervals and our masks ready for crowds!

During this period we met many great individuals including many of our clients, prospects and partners, and several of Epicor’s important executives. Cloras were on our stand in front and centre to let everyone know how to assist them achieve in eCommerce with their aims.

We have received a great deal of brand awareness and are grateful to our presence every year in this event. In this year’s partnership with P21WWUG for the fifth time, we were proud of the welcome. Thank you to everybody who came to our reception to visit us. All in all, on the first day we had a wonderful Day!


The second day


We are prepared for an entire day with our feet on the ground early from 6:30 a.m. on Monday, 16 August. After a year of virtual experience, it was cool to return to an event site and meet customers and prospects in person. We began another fruitful networking day after a wonderful breakfast at the location.

Day two was a whole day of classes with numerous intervals to network with participants, and many of them were struck on our stand. Our plump rhinoceros were regularly visited by many and many people knew about us or were extremely happy to learn more about our firm and how our solutions may help them develop inside the e-commerce area.





We were also thrilled showcasing one of our excellent customers, Kendall Ducote, Moody Price’s vice-chair technology, to talk about our achievements with some of our forward-looking customers. It is always nice to explain in detail how our products and support have helped to increase sales and growth in your firm.





In the evening at the famous Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, the amazing event planners gather a great supper and networking. During this time we could enjoy all the wonderful exhibitions, alongside the throng, with good food and a drink bar filled. We had a wonderful time to mingle with the animals and people!





Among the many hundreds attending, Karthik Chidambaram was able to meet and speak with an Olympic Silver medalist, Zach Garrett, and chat about the challenges of competing in the archery event. It goes to show, you never know who you will meet at these events and how you will be inspired!





Third Day


We were really excited for the last day that began at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday, August 16th after two great days of the event. This was the day we presented “eCommerce, intelligent integration and PIM: A Complete P21 Solution.” Karthik Chidambaram (Founder & CEO of DCKAP), together with Midland Scientific, our distinguished client and IT Director Rodrigo Neves and Hans Leong, was in charge of the session (Lead Website Developer).


It started at 8:30 am and we started the session and went through the whole experience once we set up everything. We are glad to tell that this was a fantastic time and following the presentations we had a good discussion with some interesting questions.





We then walked back to our networking station, enjoyed a pleasant lunch and met many great individuals from all backgrounds.

On day three in the evening it was finally time to get everything back home. We found a home, which we were delighted about, virtually every plash rhino we brought. Thanks to the P21WWUG and Cheryl Richardson, its event leader, for a wonderful time. We look forward to next year already!




After the event was over, we took some time for the city and visited some of the neighbourhood while riding the native electric scooters. It was nice to have a time to experience some of what the city has to offer following a meeting of this kind.



All in all, the P21 Connect event was excellent and it was great in Atlanta. Thanks to everyone who has participated, visited us and helped us succeed!

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