Top 5 Features to expect from CLORAS 3.0 upcoming release

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Our customers are delighted to use Cloras, which seamlessly handles the integration between the E-commerce, CRM & ERP Systems. The current version (2.x.x) provides the ability to manage all the integrations, credentials & logs, with few additional configurations.

Though our customers get benefitted from the current version, we are working on improving the application by making it better with additional features and improving the ability to customize the integrations.

These are the top five features you can expect in the upcoming release v3.0.0.

Simplifying Integrations & Improved User Experience

Configuring the integration between the systems has always been a tedious task and consumes more amount of time. Oftenly, most of the integration providers require maintenance for the integration as well. We always tend to provide our customers with an easier way of setting up the integrations.

At this point, one can set up a Cloras Integration Pipe in 6 steps by providing the necessary details. With this feature added, the customers can now configure the integration in a more simpler way with reduced steps, along with the help of an elegant and interactive UI.

Improved Mapping UI

Mapping is one of the CORE Key Components in Cloras, which helps the merchants to configure the field mapping between the application. The current Mapping User Interface is represented graphically with fields & arrows between the fields.

However, the problem is with displaying a large amount of payload from the systems, which makes the UI clumsy and making it hard to manage the field mappings.

The team has come up with an improved way of managing the field mappings which solves the above problem and also provides the ability to search & filter, which the current user interface doesn’t have.

Read more about Improved Mapping UI

Interactive Modifiers

Modifiers help to alter the data passing between the systems, and this saves so much of time since this reduces customizations in the end systems. The current modifier is expression based. The user has to provide a valid expression to alter the data.

This has been improved in the upcoming version by providing the ability to drag and drop the components.

Sub Accounts & User Access Levels

Introducing the role-based User Access Levels to provide limited access to users based on the company hierarchy, the Administrator can now create sub-accounts and offer a different kind of access to different types of users.

For example, an employee from the marketing team only needed to view the access to all the data or provide the ability to add the credentials/new systems only to the managers.

Group by Projects

Introducing the ability to group the integrations by projects, which helps the users to manage a large number of integrations between different systems.

In the current version, managing a large number of integrations in one place irrespective of the projects is hard, and makes it even harder to find any respective integration. This feature solves the above problem and makes it easier to manage the integrations between different systems.

Where are we heading to?

The core team began to work at the end of 2018, and we are close by to the release in April 2019. This release will be a big one, as it will be the first step towards building the Cloras Community. Yes, you heard it right! We are working on building the community.

Talk to us to know more about Cloras and how it can help your business with the power of automated integrations.

Jay Jay

Jay Jay

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