Integration Lead To Increased Sales by 56%

With high hopes, you open an online store. But the customers could neither place the orders 24/7 nor track their orders online because the ERP is not integrated. The result of which is losing customers, less sales, and low ROI. What would you do? How’d you react?

Solutions Cloras Provides
  • Customer Sync
  • Product Sync
  • Inventory Sync
  • Order Sync
  • Offline Orders Sync
  • Pricing Sync
  • Tier Price Sync
  • Volume Price Sync

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MDS needed a B2B site that our customers wanted to use, a site that was intuitive to how our customers already used eCommerce in their day to day lives. Most ERP eCommerce solutions do not function the way our customers need them to. DCKAP took a great platform, Magento, and made it work with our ERP system. Cloras bridges our Prophet 21 data and our eCommerce store. In the background, Cloras is giving our customers a way to view inventory levels and current pricing, thereby saving time and improving order accuracy.

Christa Shoukry Vice President

Know What MDS HVAC Did?


Who is MDS HVAC?

MDS HVAC is a wholesale HVACR supply company from Doraville, with two satellite warehouses. Having 70,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and eight delivery trucks, they supply contractors throughout the Metro Atlanta and Southeast with light and commercial HVAC supplies.

Integration is the key to success

All customer details and orders created in eCommerce were integrated and made to reflect in their ERP – P21. Customers can also edit their orders, apply for credit, claim tax exemption, request a quote, and more. The complete operation, from customer creation to order completion, is fully integrated and automated.

ERP Integration

Automation is the coming-of-age Innovation

Cloras brought all the business-critical data of MDS HVAC to one place with automatic data transfer, no manual work, zero data loss, and updated information always at fingertips so they can reach their goals faster – all with a single integration. And the result? A whopping 50% increase in online and mobile commerce revenue for MDS HVAC.